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Gifting is a wonderful idea invented for augmenting love, passion and friendship between persons. More than the abstract item gifted, the aptitude behind to present a Gift to your dear ones is more important, and is cherished for a long time. However, the Gift you select should be one that is beautiful, artistic, lovely and fascinating, to show not only your love and affection towards the receiver, but also plunge them into immense happiness by your selection. That said, you can’t look beyond dorpmarket.com, the renowned online Gift and Antiques Shop, happily endorsed by hundreds of thousands of online buyers.

You may wonder what makes dorpmarket.com a specialty Online Gift Shop, beating their competitors. The answer is dorpmarket.com has been in the trade of “manufactured” Artifacts, Antiques and Gift Items for years, designed and carved with excellent creativity, by the artisans in Indian villages. The employed artisans use their creativity to design and evolve beautiful handicrafts, patiently with full freedom, so that the end-product is breathtaking in its artistic beauty.

The articles and Gift items thus designed with deft hands of the artisans is then displayed on the screen of dorpmarket.com. Customers get excited by the enchanting beauty of the Gifts, certified for their genuine craftsmanship and order them online. Dorpmarket being a company determined to fulfill the wishes of their esteemed customers, follow the undernoted additional responsibilities for the bought out items, to make the consumers happy:


Beautiful FREE Gift Wrapping:
Even before opening the Gift Pack and seeing what is inside, your loved ones first get that awesome feeling, if the Gift Wrapping is glittering and glimmering all the way. This kindles their eagerness to lay their hands on the Gift inside at once. In addition to the memory of the scintillating Gift item, the wrapper carrying that Gift Pack gets a place in their memory for a long time.

Dorpmarket is aware of this psychology. So their staff takes pain to pack your ordered Gift Item with Beautiful FREE Gift Wrapping, to catch the eye. You can hand-over the beautifully packed Gift with pride to your loved ones, and see their eyes popping outside with glee and excitement.


Gift By E-Mail:
We are living in the Internet Age. So we can use the best of best facilities offered by it. Before delivering the actual Gift item to your loved ones, you can plunge them into pleasant surprise, by the Gift By E-Mail concept adopted by dorpmarket.com. The image of the amazingly packed Gift reaches the receiver in seconds this way.




Wish Your Thought On Gift Card:
What is the charm of a Gift, if it is not presented with loving words of touching the heart? Dorpmarket provides this facility when you order a Gift item, to be sent directly to your loved ones and inscribes your thought in words on the Gift Card promptly, the way you wanted it to be. Your loved ones will melt like Ice-cream, when they read your words of Love, prior to opening the Gift Pack.


Express Delivery Within the Same Day You Want:
Dorpmarket excels peers in this activity. Your ordered Gift will spontaneously reach the addressee through Express Delivery Within the Same Day You Want (subject of course to conditions). You will never miss the occasion for Gifting, if your Gift is from http://dorpmarket.com/