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Are you online in search of authentic Antiques, Artifacts and Handicrafts? Then you only need to go dorpmarket.com – positive! This is no hype or hoopla. You will agree with this, when evidence after evidence is placed before you, to support this claim.


Assured Originality:
First of all what is the minimum expectation of an art-lover in buying these creative products of art? As a consumer he or she does not want to be cheated with fakes. The moment it turns out that the bought-out item is fake, the self-pride of the consumer gets damaged irreparably. If the quality of the product is sub-standard, either in material or durability, the temper reaches boiling point. At dorpmarket.com this core fact is very well understood and taken into consideration, and you will never get this bitter experience.

In order to ensure the quality and excellence of creativity, Dorpmarket with their years of experience in the field “employ” artisans from villages, scattered all over India and offer them work at their own places. This way the products at display on the screen of dorpmarket.com – be it Nautical products such as Sundial Compass, Binoculars etc; Door Knobs; Handles and Knockers; Indian Handicrafts including exquisite hand-made jewelry; Clocks and Watches; or Locks and Hardware etc. – reach you from the artisans in far-off villages via dorpmarket.com.

Two benefits accrue over this transaction – one: you get genuine artifacts and two: you help a poor artisan make their living. You can boast about the products purchased from dorpmarket.com, to your friends and relatives with this pride.


Guaranteed Quick Delivery:
Consumers buying products like this online that are smaller in size and of rare qualities, often get disappointment over the Delivery part of the deal. Either the delivery gets delayed for frivolous reasons, or reaches in damaged condition due to lack of care on the part of the supplier. Dorpmarket is keen in avoiding this nature of complaint from their customers. Once you order the products from dorpmarket.com, the mechanism for safe and sound delivery of the bought-out item starts working. At every stage of the delivery process, complete care is taken for packing the products sound and transport-worthy, and safeguarded against breakage or damage.

Most of the artifacts are delicate and exquisite in creativity, and any such breakage or damage will spoil the whole piece irrevocably. Also such faulty deliveries will damage the reputation of dorpmarket.com, hard-earned from our esteemed customers for years.

Our professionals always bear this in mind, and take every step possible for Guaranteed Quick Delivery at the dot of time to your door-steps, to make you happy.




Guaranteed As Described:
Another flaw complained often times, by online shoppers is when they preview the images of the desired products on display, they get fascinated and order the same. But to their dismay, when the item gets delivered to them, the description does not tally with what they have been delivered with. So many distractions and deviations from the material, size, model and make are observed, plunging them in utter unpleasantness. Dorpmarket make it a point to deliver exactly the item that the customer orders, after viewing at the site complete in all aspects.


30 Days Money Back Guarantee:
The best part of buying activity at dorpmarket.com comes by their Iron-clad Money Back Guarantee, which is valid up to 30 days after the purchase. In an unlikely event of damage, breakage, or dissatisfaction over the product for any reason, the customer is at liberty to send back the product; and avail the benefit of Full Return of the Price paid. No seller agrees for such a long time for returning the bought-out goods on complaint. But dorpmarket.com undertakes this challenge, out of the unassailable confidence in the quality and workmanship of the Antiques, Artifacts and Handicrafts sold by them.

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