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About DorpMarket

A tiny spark spreads huge wild-fire. Thoughts are like this. At Dorpmarket.com, the founders thought this way one day. “There are art-lovers all over the world; they crave for possession of artifacts, unique Antiques outliving times, and such other handicraft items that can be used in many ways. On the other hand, there are artisans with abundance of skill, knowledge and creativity, to produce numerous artifacts using all sorts of materials available in Nature, in the villages of India, but are drudging in poverty. If only there is a way to connect both?” This spark in thought is the reason how Dorpmarket.com was born years back.

Object of life is pursuit of pleasure. This pursuit has innumerable ways to enjoy pleasure. Art-lovers are attracted instantly, when their eyes meet with any object that radiates exemplary artistic skill, by its making, shape, glow or beauty. This is the reason why the world is filled with millions of tourists, in all countries and destinations of heritage importance to enjoy visiting and sight-seeing monuments, scriptures, sculptures, artifacts and all forms of expression of creativity, stationary at such places.

India being the oldest in ancient history of civilization is bubbling with such places of glorious heritage. A fertile land of wealth and sumptuous resources, ancient rulers of India namely Kings, Maharajas and Emperors took sufficient care of artisans, and encouraged them towards creating breath-taking monuments, one can find nowhere in this world. Times changed and these guardians of art vanished from the scene, resulting in artisans sticking to their villages, and yet continuing their creativity generations after generations.

Dorpmarket.com made use of the Internet that has global reach as of today, which was not available for our forefathers, to create a Meeting Place for art-lovers and artisans. People all over the world always have an inkling to possess beautiful artifacts, as precious keeping; gifts to gladly hand-over to their kith and kin; used as Home Decors to sink their guests and visitors in eye-popping awe, and such other reasons.

The list of such artifacts and antiques is really long. However, to quote a few there are – Sand timers; Sundial Compass; Binoculars; Spy-glass Telescope; Magnifiers; Key-chains; Sextants; Ship-bells; Door-knobs; Handles and Knockers; Clocks and Watches; Hand-made Jewelry: Miniature Sculptures and Carvings; Art and Painting and lots of Home Décor items, including Locks and Hardware.

In order to buy all these items mentioned above, it is well neigh impossible for art-lovers to make a search, roam about places, locate the sources, inspect the items for originality, compare prices, buy and carry them all the way back home. More than the pleasure of possessing these artifacts, the efforts taken and cost-spent will be disproportionately huge. Dorpmarket.com takes up that task and alleviates the grievances of art-lovers. At Dorpmarket.com site accessible from any place in this world, all the antiques, handicrafts, artifacts and home décor items are neatly displayed, with illustrative details and color photographs.

Best part is all the above items are manufactured under closest supervision by using the artistic skills of artisans, living in villages scattered all over India from North to South. This way, customers can get “made to order” items also, if they need any outstanding items of beauty.

Since these items emerge from skilled artisans directly, the originality and bone fide nature of the artifacts carved with abundance of creativity and skill are kept up. Customers can buy with complete confidence at competitive prices, since there is no commercial motive.

Our Vision:
World consumers should find their desired artifacts, effortlessly, easily and cost-effectively, sitting at their home. Dorpmarket.com should be the Global Meeting Place of Artisans and Art-lovers. Artisans should be happy to find a steady, assured and open Global Market, to sell their handicrafts and drive away poverty.

Our Mission:
Constantly search for more and more items for display to meet the growing demand of art-lovers from all over the world. Make our esteemed customers happy to find what they wanted at Dorpmarket.com. Continue this social service of meeting Twin Objectives – Helping Artisans in Indian Villages and Helping Art-lovers get what they want. Dorpmarket.com invites art-lovers to get benefited in fulfilling their needs and help fulfill the needs of skilled but poor artisans!